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A Soul's Worth Chapter 2 "The Curious Case of Juliet Douglas"

Fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist, Kuroshitsuji
Title: A Soul's Worth
Pairing: Sebastian Michaelis x Roy Mustang, hints of one-sided RoyxMaes
Rating: R for some violence and sex (and possibly sexy violence ;-)
Timeline: Diverges from episode 25 of FMA, first anime.  May also feature some vague references to events in Kuroshitsuji.
Words: 2057
Summary: A cunning demon offers to help Roy track down the ones responsible for the death of a friend.  And all it will cost him is his soul.

Chapter listing is here.

"My reasons for hiring Sebastian do not pertain to you and we will not have this conversation again."


Obitus || A Kuroshitsuji Fanfiction

Title: Obitus
Rating: T
Pairing: Claude/Alois
Summary: It was not because their contract was fulfilled that Alois was finally able to pass on to another realm. It was not even because the demon he had come to love betrayed him and ripped his soul from his body prematurely. It was a petty virus, something so minuscule, that finally claimed the Earl Trancy's life in the end.
Words: 2,372

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Fic: Medium Rare (Grell, Sebastian, Bard)

Title: Medium Rare
Author: deadcellredux
Characters: Butler!Grell, Sebastian, Bard
Rating: T for mildly eroticized violence
Words: 1788
Summary: Certain meats should be cut against the grain.
A/N: One-sided UST, food porn, references to murder. Written for the "food" square on my kink_bingo card. Since the story is told from Grell's perspective, I used female pronouns for the character.

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Back butler, sebastian michealis

Chocolate & Strawberries III When supper becomes breakfast.

Title: Chocolate & Strawberries III When supper becomes breakfast. 
Rating: 18+...probably 21+ lol
Pairing: Sebastian/Grell
Summery: You’re not a butler when you enter this’re a....’ could he say it without it sounding too...clingy? ‘You’re a lover...’

Notes: I just love writing these two. I hope to keep in character as much as I can, with Grell its easy, but not so with Sebastian so please, forgive this flailing fangirl <3 
Back butler, sebastian michealis

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Title: Chocolate & Strawberries II I want to be drunk..

Rating: Hmmm...emplied sexy times...I'm not certain of rating. 

Pairing: Sebastian/Grell

Summery: That note made the reaper happier than any alcohol or cake could, but still, even though he was watching his figure, it would have been rude to leave even a single crumb. It tasted how he expected, dark, sensuous, sinful...exactly like the man who prepared it.

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